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CITYLUX Creates High-End Commercial Lighting


With the popularity of LEDs, the luminous efficiency of the whole lamp has generally reached 100lm/W, the cost performance has gradually increased, and the penetration rate has also accelerated. With the improvement of consumption level, the improvement of light quality has become the biggest topic in the market.

Color rendering index, color temperature and luminous efficiency do have a trade-off relationship on LEDs, but in addition to color rendering index and color temperature, color consistency, color stability, color drift, etc. are all very important aspects. And these tend to have no particular relationship with luminous efficiency.

European and American markets: The improvement of luminous efficiency can simplify the design of lighting products. However, the improvement of color rendering of products is to make the light color of lighting products closer to sunlight, which has achieved the effect of replacing halogen products.

Japanese market: The increase in luminous efficiency can make lighting products more energy efficient, which is very important for Japan's high electricity price environment. At the same time, first-line lighting manufacturers are more optimistic about the light environment and energy-saving effect created by smart lighting combined with human environment.

CITYLUX As a Chinese lighting solutions provider, we provide you with one-stop services, including lighting design, lighting installation, lighting products and all related accessories and a complete after-sales service. In addition, we will set up a dedicated team to follow up on your orders, saving you valuable time to integrate product resources and match your best lighting solutions.

Based on our expertise and sensitivity to the LED industry and the deep penetration and exploration of the LED industry over the years, we can help you reduce the risks involved in upgrading your lighting solutions. Therefore, we believe that the city light will be the best choice for your LED service provider.

Customer first, quality first, this is the values of the city's light. Compared to other traditional LED luminaire manufacturers, CITYLUX pays more attention to the differentiation between each customer. We combine our customers' philosophy, design intent and our years of leading LED technology to provide our customers with the right commercial space lighting solutions, and provide better service to our customers as technology advances and product updates. Establish a standardized process to improve store efficiency and reduce store opening costs.

I believe we will be your quality partner!

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